About Me

Professional Statement My area of expertise is within the field of Health Psychology, for which I hold a Master’s with Commendation and a PhD. I am a member of the British Psychological Society and the Division of Health Psychology. I have also been a member of the Department of Health Metrics Group and am motivated towards continued professional development. I have trained in the psychometrics of patient-reported outcome measures, systematic reviews, and critical appraisal at Oxford University. I am currently working as an Evaluation and Research Coordinator for a large cancer charity, as well as providing policy-based health advice to various organisations. Much of my work is evidence-based, as guided by systematic reviews and research. Topics covered in my work include lifestyle, behaviour change, self-management, chronic conditions management, and quality of life. I regularly write for a nursing journal, with articles varying from health-related topics to continued professional development guidance. I am also in the process of training to be a Counsellor, as accredited by the BACP. I can write for a variety of audiences in a number of formats, including academic journals and commercial magazines. I can also assist with the use of SPSS for quantitative data analysis or provide thematic content analysis or interpretative phenomenological analysis for qualitative data. For further information, please see my C.V.

Personal Statement I am a 37-year old, self-confessed work addict. I love all aspects of my work, from ideas formation, to research, writing, and sharing with others. My passion is in health psychology, but I enjoy that my research skills equip me to work in all areas and disciplines. I am particularly motivated towards making scientific knowledge accessible to everyone. Furthermore, I love a challenge, hence my eclectic topic expertise (from writing about cats to writing about statistics!). In my spare time, I love nothing more than spending time with my partner of 11 years and two adorable black and white cats. We live in the countryside with a long open garden, which we walk in daily. I also enjoy spending time alone in a cafe, drinking a Cappuccino, as I watch the world go by. In the evenings, I relax with a jigsaw puzzle. I am creative in all that I do.